Our Story

Tootie's Turbans Designers and Creators

Hi I'm Kristie, creator of Tootie's Turbans.  Together with my mom Rosemary, we are a women owned small business that designs and sews each turban with love for you!

The idea for the line came about in 2018.  I am a vintage enthusiast through and through.  I was on a turban kick at that time, and making my own turbans out of vintage scarves and shawls.  I have always enjoyed designing and sewing, a passion handed down to me by my mother and grandmother.  I design and create various items for my vintage shop, The Hop.  Lending inspiration from actresses like Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Crawford, Lana Turner and of course the over the top and fabulous style of Carmen Miranda, I decided to create my own line of vintage inspired turbans. 

At the end of December I was home over Christmas and had an idea for a turban design.  I wanted to create and sew these with my mom as we always love a good sewing project to do together!  My mom and I got to work tweaking the pattern (and sewing lots of test turbans) until it was just right!  I landed on the name Tootie's Turbans after my mom (growing up her nickname was Tootie). It was the perfect fit!   

Me in the hospital on the brain surgery floor after my craniotomy for my meningioma

 January of 2019 Tootie’s Turbans was released and they were a hit!  The original style was made as a fashion statement, for an easy hairstyle, and to get that vintage look.  In March of 2019, while working on a campaign for the newest style of Tootie's Turbans, I had a grand mal seizure.  I never had a seizure before.  They found a large meningioma brain tumor.  To my surprise when I told my mom, she had a meningioma brain tumor as well.  This is a situation where 'like mother like daughter' is not a good thing, ha!  My tumor needed to be removed quickly and two weeks after finding it I needed to go in for brain surgery.  Long story short, thankfully I had a successful surgery and the tumor was benign!  Sitting in the hospital room my husband said to me, many patients on this floor could benefit from your turbans.  I had a new realization on what function my turbans served.  More than just a fashion use, they were a head covering that could protect, that could cover up, and that could make a person feel beautiful, even on those days they didn't feel so beautiful.  Soon after my surgery I lost quite a bit of hair.  Struggling with recovering from a major surgery this just added to it and made me feel self-conscious.  I was grateful to have my turbans to wear.  It helped me feel better about myself when I was struggling to do so. 

With both my mom and I having brain tumors, we found a new need for our turbans.  They are not only for vintage enthusiasts, but also for people that are faced with an immense life challenge.  And so out of my challenging time I found a greater purpose, to meld together something I have a passion for and something that has a purpose.  It all seemed quite kismet.     

I hope our line brings you joy in whatever way you want it to.  Whether it's to gift it to a loved one, cover your hair loss and protect your head, or as a quick way to get a unique or vintage style.  I hope that it makes you feel like the bright shiny star that you are! 

You are beautiful.  You are unique.  You are strong.  

Nothing without courage.
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